Die Draadwerf Poultry and Chicken Housing Product Range

Die Draadwerf specialises in a wide range of Chicken Housing Solutions. We not only supply expert and professional advice, but also assist customers with the latest technology in the design of new houses and the upgrading and extensions of current houses.

A good chicken house protects birds from harmful animals and adverse environmental conditions.

Why is Die Draadwerf the number one choice for successful Poultry Farm Planning?

Speedy organisation and execution delivery.

Top quality products matched with industry expertise and advice.

Full-spectrum service for all kinds of ‘tailorable’ steel requirements.

Equal attention paid to planning, functionality, and an excellent customer relationship.

Superior & Competitive pricing model from purchase, to installation, and through its lifetime.

This reputation builds on more than 14 years’ experience in the supply and erection of chicken housing. We aim to fulfil the needs of Chicken Farms countrywide by adding 16% more weight per square meter and attaining better food conversion rates.

Our standard IPE superior, cost-effective structure solution to housing poultry combines a high level of insulation with a top-of-the-range management computer system.

Poultry barns made from Die Draadwerf’s galvanized steel building kits are ideal for maintaining the sanitary environment required to successfully raise and care for poultry.

We manufacture various free range chicken coops to house up to 1000 chickens. All our chicken units are made of extremely high quality by our skilled and experienced team.

If you are an emerging farmer and want a smaller Chicken house, we offer smaller Chicken houses for 500 to 1000 chickens.

Die Draadwerf Chicken Housing Wall Configuration


Our Nuwall Chicken Housing concept is a unique design which consists of a 50mm Concrete (35Mpa) with fibres for the inner layer of the wall, combined with a 50mm Polystyrene which is finished off with an acrylic plaster on the exposed side. This combination of concrete and polystyrene minimises heat loss, thus lowering heating costs making your poultry house more economical.

A computerized management system, whereby ventilation and temperature are computer-controlled from the control rooms, is a key feature of the Nuway system.

Chromadek Panel Wall:

Chromadek is most probably the most common wall used in the construction of modern poultry houses today.

This wall consists of a 75mm Polystyrene panel which is cladded with a 0.5mm Chromadek metal sheet.

This wall is quick and easy to install but not necessarily as durable.

Conventional Wall:

The conventional wall concept has been used for at least the past 25 years and is still in use today by most contract growers in South Africa.

The wall consists of a Dwarf wall of approximately 600mm up from the floor and then covered with a welded mesh from the dwarf wall to the roof. The welded mesh is then covered with a PVC Curtain which can be raised and lowered with a cable pulley system to promote airflow in the poultry house.

All our agricultural buildings in this sector are specifically designed and built to your requirements.

Contact us today for carefully planned, quality Chicken housing for your farm.