Die Draadwerf Security Fencing Product Range

Security fences are very effective to keep intruders out. It is ideal for small holdings, military installations, government properties, homes, and businesses.

Highly effective electric perimeter security fencing makes it possible to detect and keep intruders from entering your premises.

We offer various types of security fencing solutions including:

Freestanding electric security fencing:

A free standing Electric fence is a permanent self-standing security electric fence. The fences are predominantly for security purposes, are normally 1.8-3m in height with alternate live earth 2.24 High Strain Line Wires spaced 10cm apart. Insulated Intermediate Y standards are normally spaced every 3m with straining taking place at strain posts installed at a maximum interval of 100m. Earth spikes are normally installed every 20m on a free standing fence

Security Wall Top Electric Fencing:

A wall-top electric fence normally consists of 3m spaced steel brackets made from flat bar or square tube attached to a wall, supporting 5 to 10 vertical alternate live and earth electric fence wires. Straining posts and earth spikes should be installed every 20m on a wall-top fence.

Security Piggy Back Electric Fencing:

A piggy back electric security fence is a free standing electric fence normally 18 to 30 strands that are not capable of mechanically supporting itself and thus is permanently secured to a supporting structure, such as a palisade fence, mesh fence or precast wall. Piggyback back brackets are normally manufactured from a rolled galvanized “omega” profile, but can also consist of custom made the square tube or angle Iron brackets. Straining points should be every 20m, with earth spikes normally every 30m.

Security Diamond Mesh:

Diamond mesh security fence is a medium security barrier. Diamond mesh is available in different heights and sizes depending on the application e.g. general perimeter fence or security. Diamond mesh in conjunction with the flat wrap or concertina razor wire increases your security needs.

Razor Security Wire:

Razor wire is a high security fencing mesh used to protect commercial, industrial and government industries. This product is virtually impossible to climb through or cut with standard tools. Razor mesh is not animal-friendly

Security Welded Mesh:

Welded mesh is a strong wire mesh which is manufactured from different wire thicknesses and aperture sizes. Depending on application, this wire is manufactured from pre-galvanised wire and spot welded afterwards. Application varies from a medium security barrier, perimeter fence, dog kennels or bird cages.

Electric security fencing is highly effective in both detecting an intruder and deterring him from entering your premises. The quality of your installation is directly related to the effectiveness of your fence. Wherever possible Electric fences should be wired in series with alternating live and neutral strands with gaps of no more that 100mm, the final height of your fence should exceed “crouch height” to prevent stepping over.

Our electric security fencing systems are cost effective in both the short and long term, and are easy to maintain and repair, making them the perimeter security solution for facilities worldwide.

Take that extra security measures to protect your perimeter with electric fencing for business and your home. Call our team today for security fencing that you can trust.

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