Die Draadwerf Hinge-Joint Fencing Product Range

Draadwerf realises the need to secure your valuable assets and therefore manufactures tailor made Draadwerf Hinge-Joint blockwire according to your preferences. A wide variety of different styles and heights for every use can be manufactured and all Hinge-Joint products are fully galvanised.

All Hinge-Joint fences are prefabricated and no extra line wires are required as it’s designed to hinge up when under stress by impact. You can rely on the fence to be solid in construction over almost any terrain up to 35°.

Draadwerf Hinge-Joint has the advantage over a normal steelwire fence that less tension are put on corner posts. All Draadwerf Hinge-Joint fences are manufactured in compact 100m rolls, therefore transport and handling costs are reduced. A few popular items in the range include Chemvet Hinge-Joint Predator-, Livestock- , Block-Out- , Gamefence- , and Combination.

Why Choose Draadwerf Hinge Joint?

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