Draadwerf -Electric Fencing

Main Power

Powers from 200 - 630 km (275 - 850 acres) of fence

A mains powered energizer is the most cost-effective, reliable way to power a permanent electric fence. Unigizers™ are also compatible with mains power.

Battery Power

Powers from 2 - 25 km (up 40 acres) of fence

Convenient, portable and quick to set up, battery units are suitable for temporary, strip grazing and semi-permanent fencing. Unigizers are also compatible with battery power

Solar Power

Powers from 2 - 5 km (3 - 8 acres) of fence

Ideal for isolated areas where no mains power is available. Suitable for strip grazing, permanent, semi-permanent and temporary fencing. Our Solar Kits provide remote power for permanent installations. Our Portable Solar Energizers are an all?in?one solution with built?in solar panel and battery. The Unigizer range is also solar compatible

Unigizer (TM) - Mains, Battery, or Solar Power

Powers from 5 - 150 km (8 - 225 acres) of fence

A Unigizer is a flexible, 3-in-1 mains and battery energizer with solar compatibility. It is a versatile solution that works across permanent, semi?permanent and temporary fencing.

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