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Chicken Housing.

Since 2000, Die Draadwerf has established itself as a leader in fulfilling the needs of Chicken farmers countrywide.
We not only supply expert and professional advice, but also assist customers with the latest technology in the design of new houses and the upgrading and extensions of current houses.

Competitive prices and the ability to offer a full service for all the customers' steel requirements - our 'DIY-concept', as well as the potential to organize and execute speedy delivery, die Draadwerf as the number one choice for successful Chicken farm planning. In order to enjoy the privilege of top quality products, best advice, prices and personal client service.

Die Draadwerf has made a mark as a leader in providing farmers with new technology in the design of housing, and upgrading and extensions to housing, for Chicken. This reputation builds many years of experience in the supply and erection of Chicken housing.

The company maintain that this new type of Chicken house that they have developed in South Africa offers about 16% more weight per square metre, as well as better food conversion rates.

A computerised management system, whereby ventilation and temperature is computer-controlled from the control rooms, is a key feature of the Nuway system.
We offer the superior cost effective solution to housing Chicken.

Chicken houses made from die Draadwerfs galvanized steel building kits are ideal for maintaining the sanitary environment required to successfully raise and care for Chicken. Our Chicken housing will save you money from the point of purchase, the installation, and right on through all the many years of service they will provide you with.
In addition to competitive prices, the plan and functionality of Chicken houses involves far more than building just a plain old chicken shed. Individual project requirements demand a good working relationship, and that's an area where we excel with our customer; the relationship.

We manufacture a wide range of free range chicken coops to house up to 1000 chickens. All our chicken units are extremely high quality made by our skilled team. If you are an emerging farmer and want a smaller Chicken house, we offer a smaller Chicken house for 500 to 1000 chickens.
A good Chicken house protects the birds from harmful animals and adverse environment conditions.

Call today for quality Chicken housing for your farm.


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